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Janet’s professional affiliations include:

  • Psychology Board of Australia (Member)
  • Australian Psychological Society (Member)
  • International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy (Member)
  • Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (Member)
  • Health at Every Size (HAES) Australia (Verified Practitioner)
  • Academy for Eating Disorders (Member)
  • Associate for Size Diversity and Health (Member)
  • Yoga Australia (Senior Registered Teacher and Registered Yoga Therapist)
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists (Certified Yoga Therapist)
  • Yoga and Body Image Coalition (Community Partner)
  • iRest Level 2 Teacher in Training
  • Australian Teachers of Meditation Association (Therapeutic and Personal Development Meditation Teacher)
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Janet Lowndes

Director and Principal Psychologist

Janet Lowndes is a therapist with over 25 years experience providing counselling, training, and consultation. Her professional practice includes psychological counselling, meditation training, and yoga therapy.

Janet has a long history of working independently and in a variety of organisations in the mental health field. She formed Mind Body Well in 2012, as Director and Principal Psychologist (formerly 'Janet Lowndes & Associates').

Following university studies in Psychology and Philosophy Janet’s early professional experience was in the areas of youth, community, and women's health, the prison system, and with young offenders. She then moved into private practice and continued to work with adolescents and adults, particularly those with eating disorders, body image concerns, and behavioural difficulties.

After 10 years practicing psychology Janet travelled to India to explore her personal studies of Yoga. While in India she spent time in a Yoga ashram, trekked in the Himalaya, and taught English to Buddhist monks. These experiences were life-changing, exposing Janet to philosophies of integrative wisdom which assist people to live in harmony with the world around them.

Janet discovered in her Yoga studies a traditional approach to understanding the mind. The system of Yogic Psychology is a powerful influence for Janet’s practice, exploring the nature of the mind, the way we relate to our inner and outer environments, the mind-body connection, and strategies for enhancing personal wellbeing.

Today, Janet’s professional practice is focused on working with people addressing aspects of their lives affecting health and wellbeing. This includes eating disorders, body image concerns, depression and anxiety.

Janet’s approach treats the individual as a whole, rather than focusing merely on conditions or symptoms they may be experiencing. This approach is health-enhancing, aimed at promoting wellbeing in different areas of life.

Janet’s experience with Eating Disorders and the psychology of food and eating

Janet has provided counselling to assist people with Eating Disorders for over 15 years. Her interest in the psychology of food, eating and body image began when she was working in the youth health field, and she started to learn about Eating Disorders from many of her clients. She also worked closely for a few years with Dr. Rick Kausman, the author of ‘If Not Dieting then What’, assisting in his training programs for Health Professionals about a non-dieting approach to the psychology of food and eating.

Janet’s approach is one which emphasises wellbeing rather than weight, focussing on healthy processes or lifestyle change, rather than being preoccupied with outcomes such as numbers on the scales or dress sizes. Building a healthy mind body relationship is one of the keys to making choices which can enhance health and wellbeing in the long term. Fostering self-worth, self-compassion and self-care are also central to this approach.

Eating Disorders are significant conditions affecting physical and mental health. Janet’s focus is on working with the client to enhance health and wellbeing, enabling them to then feel more empowered to address the cognitive and behavioural changes required in the process of recovery from an Eating Disorder.

Janet’s Yoga background

Janet’s interest in Yoga began over 25 years ago as rehabilitation following a car accident. She was fortunate to find an early teacher who inspired her with the teachings of Yoga, exposing her not just to postures and breathing practices, but also to Yogic philosophy and psychology, a way of understanding the mind from a holistic viewpoint.

Interested to find out more about Yoga Janet travelled to India in 2000, where she completed a Yoga Teacher Training certificate at the Swami Vivekananda Ashram in India. On return from India Janet studied a further two year Yoga Teaching qualification at the Centre for Adult Education Melbourne, where she attained an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching.

Janet is a perpetual student of Yoga, influenced by teachers such as Swami Vivekananda, Leigh Blashki, Richard Miller, Amy Weintraub, and AG and Indra Mohan. Janet is a member of the Council of Advisors for Yoga Australia, the peak body for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists in Australia. Janet is also a member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.

Janet is also the Director of the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy, who provide professional training for qualified Yoga Teachers to become Yoga Therapists, and she regularly provides training in Yoga Psychology for Yoga and Mental Health Professionals.