Claiming Medicare and Private Health Insurance Rebates for your sessions

All sessions at Mind Body Well will be billed within 48 hours of the session, using the Credit Card details you provide to us (or alternatively you can pay by cash on the day of your session). It is a requirement of treatment that you ensure the funds are available to be drawn on the day of your session.

You will be emailed two receipts for Credit Card payments:

  1. One from the Commonwealth Bank to show that we have withdrawn the funds from your card
  2. One from Mind Body Well (with our logo on top) – this is the receipt you will need for claiming from Medicare or your Private Health Insurance

In order to claim from Medicare you will need the following:

A current Mental Health Care Plan (for Psychology) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (for Dietetics) prepared by your Doctor. You will need to provide a copy of this plan to your therapist at Mind Body Well.

After payment has been drawn you will be emailed a payment receipt which you can submit to Medicare to claim your rebate – please ensure you submit the receipt with the Mind Body Well logo on top rather than the bank receipt. Please note, we are not able to process the rebates on your behalf, most of our clients use the Medicare App to do this – you can find details at

The limits of the number of sessions you can claim from Medicare for are:

  • Psychologist – 10 sessions in total, 6 from your initial Mental Health Care Plan, then you will a review from your Doctor which will enable you to claim another 4 sessions
  • Dietitian – 5 sessions in total

Alternatively, in order to claim from Private Health Insurance you will need:

·      A receipt from us that does NOT have an MBS (Medicare Benefits Scheme) Item Number on it. If we issue you with an MBS claimable receipt (because you have a current Mental Health or Enhanced Primary Care Plan) then you can only claim that receipt from Medicare, not from your Private Health fund, and you also cannot claim from both Medicare and Private Health for the same session.

Please note - you can't claim from both Medicare and your Private Health Fund for the same session.

If you believe you have seen sent an incorrect receipt please contact our office for clarification: