What does an Advanced Sports Dietitian do?

Nutrition is a science, and eating is a behaviour

Accredited Practicing Dietitians are university trained health professionals who are able to provide nutritional advice informed by scientific research, and to translate that science into practical strategies.

The Dietitians at Mind Body Well are a group of highly skilled therapists who understand the need to also go beyond the science to address more than just nutritional facts - to assist people to develop insight and awareness of the cues our bodies provide around eating, and the many and potentially varied issues surrounding our eating behaviours.

You can read about our Dietitians Julia Hoadley, Louise Grech and Katherine Shone on each of their pages, or head to our Dietetic Therapy page to find out more.  

And what does a Sports Dietitian do?

An Advanced Sports Dietitian has expertise helping athletes and very active people to utilise nutrition to enhance physical performance. This might mean assisting a marathon runner to figure out the fluid and carbohydrates they need to consume during a race, to helping a gymnast figure out what food energises her before a morning training session, to assisting a busy mum to come up with quick breakfast ideas to allow her muscles to recover after an early morning exercise class.

Katherine Shone, Advanced Sports Dietitian at Mind Body Well is particularly interested in assisting people to make these nutritional choices from the perspective of wellness and performance as opposed to rigid food rules and self-punishing disordered eating patterns.

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