Staying Body Positive as the weather warms up and the festive season approaches

I had a conversation last week with a client that went like this:

She – “I want to move to a country where Christmas is in the winter”.

Me – “Why’s that? You hoping for a White Christmas?”

She – “No, then I wouldn’t have to adjust to summer clothing, eat out more, and socialise all at once. I could just put a big coat on and not give a ****”.

The approach of the festive season can push buttons if we’re focused on body image and feeling exposed by the sudden need to wear less clothing. Here are a few suggestion to help ease into the warmer social months with ease, and to love the freedom of being able to leave the house without thermals, coat, umbrella and gloves!

  • Focus on your Wellbeing rather than your Weight – and remember that Wellbeing is social and psychological as much as it’s physical
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good – who love you for who you are and are interested in you as a person
  • Do things that help you FEEL good – moving the focus from the outside (your body image or what you think you look like) to inside (the felt sense of living in your body)
  • Clean up your social media act – remove and block sites that are obsessed with objectifying the body, and absolutely, definitely, at all costs – stay away from weight loss and dieting sites. Instead fill up your feed with great messages, celebrating body positivity and diversity. See our 'Lets Get Social' page for some great social media suggestions
  • Practice gratitude for the body you have – acknowledging all the good things your body enables you to do
  • Spend less time looking in the mirror – a quick look to check your skirt is not tucked into your undies, then on your way

Enjoy the sunshine!